Social Media Summit — Construction

Webcast: September 22, 2015

DeathtoStock_Wired2A webcast from the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) will evaluate social media usage and trends in the construction industry. Numerous case studies will demonstrate social media best practices and ideas for the construction industry. Results of a national survey will be presented. The free webcast for members and non-members is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, at 1 pm CDT.

Panelists include CATERPILLAR social media manager Brian Stokoe, and BOSCH Power Tools Group Brand Manager Kevin Enke will share case studies, with a focus on content. CMA Chairman Neil Brown will share results of a national survey. Interested panelists should contact CMA Program Director, Heather Hawes at

“Social media is now mainstream marketing for construction brands of all types and sizes.” states Neil M. Brown. “Our 5th annual Social Media Summit—Construction will share examples of best practices, including national survey results, along with questions and answers.”

To register for the free Social Media Summit for Construction Brands Webcast, visit:

To take the Social Media Survey, visit:


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